The accommodations, with their suggestive comforts, are not spirit of life. They are acquisition of possessions, retraction of expansions, impediments to novelty, gradual loss of listening to what does not correspond to what the settled person has.

And so, settled and comfortable, the being generates its... microsystem. It detaches itself from its microcosm, and only the security of its achievements and possessions keeps it attentive.

It detaches itself from the Universe, becomes strange to Creation. It promotes its own ideas of creeds, customs and habits..., which it repeats to show its empowerment.

It is undoubtedly an increasingly frequent "style of living", more sectarian and more, personal...; hardly sharable or sectarian shared.

Is there room in that comfortable comfort to open up to the impossible, to the creative, to the artistic?

Certainly, it is difficult to find room for the unforeseen, unexpected and surprising events in a comfortable way of thinking, feeling and acting; the curiosity to discover, to elaborate and to recreate each situation.

The Creator Mystery is restless; it does not understand security.

By the traces that we can perceive in our daily living -if we want to open our eyes, our ears, our nose, our mouth and our skin!- we will realise that this Creator Mystery is not... not comfortable, not stable, not safe. None of the qualities that we can hoard, control and dominate, correspond to the Creator Mystery.

We can say: unusual, unforeseen, unexpected, surprising... Yes.

But when one does not want to see, because one tends to see only one's own, and does not see the repercussions that accommodation, comfort and security cause, it is difficult for us to feel The Presence.

Will, reason and logic become strong. And although it may be evident and obvious that the action of one has an impact on all, it should obviously not be seen under the moral or ethical aspect of the dominant culture. Simply knowing that it has an impact. That is obvious and evident, isn't it?

If price of oil rises, transport and goods rise.

Sometimes it is surprising how the being acts because of its particular libertarian sense, thinking that its actions have no repercussions; or that, if they do, it doesn't matter!

They have an impact. For some people it will be beneficial; for others it will not. In any case, if we remove considerations of value and morality and ethics -which are conventional crusts that are fine for a small environment, but they remain narrow in Creation- then what we see is an interaction, a repercussion of some actions over others and a search for balance. That is what happens.

It is neither good nor bad!...

Duality of comfort is always lurking.

"And if I do this, that will happen; and then, it will be good for me, it won't be good for me, it will be bad for that one, for the other one...".

¡Please! ¡Please!

Life is an astonishing sequence of coincidences, which we are not able to see them all -far from it- but we can see some of them.

And we see them and... let us not judge them; let us neither applaud nor condemn them. We may like them more or less, but there is something above taste: the love of living; the love of being and of passing, of feeling united with the living, of giving permanent thanks, of removing "resident" fears.

We are, as humanity, a flying design in thinking and imagining.

And based on this, we tune in to the Creator.

The Praying Sense gives us the flight towards other dimensions where footsteps and footprints are suspended! They do not mark the earth! It is levitating with the Creative consciousness. It is letting go prejudices and condemnations, punishments and the hardships that are experienced as inevitable. It is to abandon the idea of suffering as necessity... in order to be able to believe, learn and to go on. What about if we avoid the suffering phase...?

Reason and logic will tell us that it is inevitable. But the creative imagination, the Praying Sense, reminds us that it is not an obligatory step to suffer, mistreat, deteriorate, recover, rebuild.

We are, in principle, a clean design, a creative design!... that has enough resources to move artistically through life, without undergoing the previous martyrdom to learn.

But, of course, this idea was introduced based on the creation of powers, strata, ascending pyramids that involved blood, sweat and tears to get to that position and, obviously, to establish that no one else could get there unless they went through that ordeal!

And so to speak, "preparation, discovery, amazement, knowledge" was confused with suffering, pain, crying... Which made the being more and more terrestrial, more and more a slave to his tastes, which were already domesticated from early childhood.

They call us prayerfully, not to discomfort us, not to strip us of our... comforts. They call us prayerfully to warn us that the comfortable comfort is a resistant obstacle, educationally imposed as a personal achievement, which incapacitates us from hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting...; which becomes a burden –comfortable comfort- because we have to make sure it endures. That is why, one has to possess, to fight, to dissent and... and stop living together.

Yes, because living together is the adventure of living in which we exchange, in which we understand, in which we assimilate, in which we learn from each other....

But, obviously, when the positions of personal demands and comforts claim their power, coexistence becomes impossible.

And so, each one wanders with his triumph! And so, each one is isolated... with his trophy, having regained comfort, position, character, security...


Thus, in these positions, it is difficult to live; and it is conceptualised -of course- as an achievement and a continuous and permanent struggle, when it should be a solidary, creative and innovative, continuous coexistence. Such a difference! 

They call us to pray in order to feel part of the Mystery, to discover ourselves creative, imaginative and artists of the wind... that with its sound chisels the best melody.

And the passing by continues with the daily whims.

“Whims", yes; because this daily routine of custom, of imposition, of obligation, is not what gesturally corresponds to being.

We were invented, and we still don't know what kind of invention we are. It's funny!

And as soon as we discover our invention -that invention in which each one is different from the others-, we will discover that we all need each other, but at the same time, that each one is an unusual experience. And that each doing is an idealistic, novel need...

And if we dig deeper and deeper into our invention... we will discover that we are indeed a Mysterious Surprise.

Yes: we are a Mysterious surprise.

And to the extent that we incorporate it, the varnish and the educational, cultural, customary, "of comfort" layer becomes porous... and we perceive other aromas. And we augur other perspectives. We stop being a walking fear, worried and obstinate about its chores; and rather, dedicated and inspired in a being and in a happy, joyful doing... that will give us the satisfaction of continuing in that raised climate of imagination, that does not lose contact with the footprint, but rather points out paths and roads along which we can travel, and learn from the other!

Humility is needed. And today -in these times- effort is inevitable. But effort is not a sacrifice, it is not pain. Effort is a sign of the Force, which reveals us as inventors, as invented beings...; as caricatures that form an incredible tale.

Yes: we constitute an infinite tale... that dwells in the limitless...

That is sustained by the unsurpassable!, by the unprecedented.



Den bön som vi utövar är inte begränsat till någon religion. Vi tror att bön kan vara en befriare och ett helande instrument. Vår bön hänvisar till skapelsen, till de olika krafter som uppmuntrar oss utan att gå till ett specifikt namn eller trosuppfattning. I tron att bön är en väsentlig faktor för oss, har vi skapat en plats dedikerat uteslutande till bön: "Huset ljud av ljus, i Vizcaya i Baskien, norra Spanien. Här möts vi dagligen i bön och spirituell retreat .


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