Travel consciousness


Our Universe –in the sense that we belong to this universe- takes a direction. Our measurements and perceptions tell us that we are on a journey... in one direction. Without knowing why, or what that journey entails.

The point is that... the being of humanity is not aware of this journey, perhaps because it is... "immeasurable": it cannot be measured. Although it can be detected –I insist- by measurements we make. But it seems –according to human knowledge- that this does not... affect travellers. 

When an airplane flies loaded with passengers, in healthy weather conditions, it appears not to move. When a train full of passengers, on a safe track, moves at high speed, it seems to be stable. But, of course, both the plane and the train "influence" the traveller. The one who goes by the plane, could be affected by jet lag; the one who goes by train, could be affected by vibrations –although subtle- that it may have, and the change of sites, places, etc. that it implies. Just to mention something very simple.

Ever since Galileo said: "but it moves"... –referring to the earth- we discovered that we were moving "towards".

And at the same time we were –curiously enough- being and generating a movement "against", yes, by not assuming that movement obviously produced by... something... and directed by... "whoever it may be" –Creator Mystery-. We should –now that we know about measurements- be aware that we are being taken on a journey.

We are "passengers".

And no matter how much we want to go from carriage to carriage or going through the corridors of the space platform or the plane... we are carried.

The Prayerful Sense emphasizes us, it calls us to discover, in consciousness, that we are travellers. But travellers who are carried

Any... any action we take is part of that journey.

By being aware of it, the actions we are taking, will try, by all means, to encourage that journey.

Everything I do, ignoring the fact that I am a traveller and thinking that I am... a still establishment –not even a mobile one, as Galileo said-, everything that is to ratify me, radicalise me, imposing... –and in this sense a long etcetera- is contrary to being a traveller, since at no time –"at no time"- will I be in the same place. Whatever I do at a given moment will remain there.

I won't be able to go back for it.

 But whatever I do in the sense of the journey, it will be incorporated into our nature.

The astrologers have already tried –and they try with their houses, their signs...- to place us in that journey.

 Astronomers... can situate us, but they do not affect our nature.

The Prayer announces where we are going, where we are heading and what we must take into account. It is not an obligatory journey, but it is inevitable. We have –to use the expression- been born in the journey. Really, we should only know about the journey, nothing else. But it is just the opposite: given the dimension of the journey, the being has developed by travelling in its micro world and turning its back on the real journey.

By feeling ourselves like universe and inevitable travellers, any action we take against it, such as personal importance, selfishness, idolatry, pride, vanity, anger... –a series of small incidents!-… will make our journey tortuous, uncomfortable, and unpleasant.

Do you know why there are such unpleasant people, people who constantly complain and criticize, who only care about what is going on around them, but who never take charge about their own identity? Now you know. They are those people who have rejected being travellers outright.

Perhaps they don't have –of course– that consciousness, but the world is bad for them, the world makes them ill, life is bad for them! They have become a reference, and as it was said before Galileo: "Everything moves around the Earth, and the Earth remains still".

Well: when beings adopt these positions of reference and stillness, they are denying the journey. They are demanding everything to move around them. Perhaps they succeed, at times, but surely that "rebellion" –just to be elegant, let's call it that- of hypercritical, permanently angry, daily rejecters, comes from that refusal to become Universe, to become a traveller, on the basis of a Creative Mystery.

Yes, it would be a very exaggerated diagnosis!… Bah! Could be. Would a personalized diagnosis be better? Calling him obsessive, compulsive? To make a diagnosis of a profitable neurosis or a manic-depressive psychosis or a social psychopathy? Is that a better diagnosis? Would that diagnosis lead to a real change in the structure of the being? With a relevant treatment, of course, in that level.

Well!… The results are there.

Only when one enters into that other diagnosis... and seeks another state of consciousness that allows us to contemplate ourselves in that Universe, and let go of our possessions, it is possible to exercise a cure.

But the radical principles of possession and belonging, which lead to a diagnosis... that generates hunger, war, lies, fear and a long etcetera... are not treatable under the point of view of self-sufficient stillness. It is not treatable under the climate of a fixed land, and everything around it. What is more, it increases. As corruption increases, as impunity increases, as burning of forests and jungles increases, as pollution increases, and a long deterioration period increases.

It's time, yes –says the Prayerful Sense- it's time to realise... that complaining, anger, disdain, discouragement... will solve absolutely nothing, it will deteriorate existence and will undermine individuals who are in it. It is time to realize that the power that being exercises... is a weapon against himself. The power that the being exercises in its different ways, based on its egocentrism, is to dig its own grave.

That "free will" that we were given to know as... a divine concession!

Creation and the Universe are transported and move, and man has the right –why?- to move and transport himself and fulfil himself in the way he wants?

The great egocentric invention!: free will. The greatest triumph of hedonism. And despite the fact that anyone can see that one does not have such freedom; that his movement is so conditioned...; that are others who move it... –assuming that one wants to exercise that "free will".

A very interesting egomaniacal cunning –well!-… to disassociate oneself from the Creator Mystery. To disassociate oneself from "Let it be done according to your word". To disassociate oneself from one’s origin... and become pillars for others to turn around us.

Even in the Eastern Tradition –with greater precision, by the way- through the celestial trunks and the terrestrial branches, the position in which the subject finds himself in his journey is sought. And in that position it is provided what he needs.

It is, undoubtedly, by taking into account the celestial and the terrestrial, the way to include a symbiosis between that macrocosm and that microcosm.

So, as we said before, from the astrologers and astronomers, there is a search sketch to know about our journey and where it goes.

But the awakening to that traveller’s consciousness...; knowing that the Creator Mystery awaits us, leads us, preserves us, guides us...

In other words, in practice, we must take this detail into account and incorporate it into our actions.

But a small warning: it is easy –easy!- for the being, due to its behavioural nature so far, to accept and assume that he is a traveller and that he is carried... and, consequently, to say that nothing can be done, that destiny has wanted this to be so, going into that destructive loop in which the Creator Mystery is responsible. Not to enter into the liberating sense that we have been given talents to go in the Mystery direction.

Oh!, when man relies on the Divine to justify his ravings... and does not rely on Him to follow his way!...




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