And we pass by now, in these times, precipitously; one might say "faster than speed".

And consequently, the landscape, the environment, the place of the footprint, the echo of the words, the importance of the needs, the importance of fulfilling them are no longer perceived.

Everything seems to be in a hurry.

And thus... the being shows itself –curiously- not only hasty, but also reluctant in its resources, reserved, as if it senses that at some point it might be in need of its "savings".

It stops, due to its haste, to be aware of daily provisions... Dawns are so transitory, they become numbers... that are adding up.

The simple referential rhythm of day and night, of hunger and thirst, is abandoned. And one resorts to "the urge" to possess, to ensure and not to waste virtues.

It sounds like a bad tale. Virtues are not wasted.

Providential resources do not run out, they do not need securities, since they do not depend on us.

It seems... it seems that a threat is girding life. But what hovers over life is liberation, not a threat! Perhaps it can even be interpreted that this liberation, since it does not correspond to one's own ideas... but to take reference, could even be interpreted as dangerous.

And the saying "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" or "a known evil is better than an unknown good" would come back. Terror!: clinging to the bad... for the sake of knowing it, and renouncing the goodness that is continually offered to us, that is constantly around us... and that is demanded of us by our nature.

This hasty, desperate haste! –it could be said- tries to imitate "the before", "what was before"... it undoubtedly gives value to the known bad things... which is what has precipitated us to the "worst yet to know".

Calm! Light is not in a hurry. It has established its rhythm, its speed and its infinite projection... that it might seem fast to us.

From our nature, everything can be very fast... or very slow.

A calmness that allows the passing by...; that allows seeing oneself in action, in commitment, in satisfaction.

Calmness... that knows about waiting. And that the reference of the Mystery guarantees –yes, “guarantees”- hope.

Calculations and more calculations, the being makes in its course. It “dynamites” itself at times... in getting busy and busy!

And it loses the reference: which orientates us towards the Eternal, the Permanent, the Immanent, the Transcendent, the Liberating... The available in needs... Permanent devotion.

That gives us the consciousness to know and knowing oneself, and the importance of our intention.

Living calls for calmness... without that entailing laziness, idleness or abandonment, but rather that reference of the Universe, of spaces travellers.

To what? Who is to be afraid of?

We are in a place that makes pilgrimage through infinity. Do we collaborate with it? Does it happen because of our capacity, our science, our knowledge, or is there something that ensures our rotation, our translation, our spiral galaxy movement, and our hasty –apparently- intention to travel towards... the Eternal?

They lead us, they assure us, they guarantee us... to the point that we think of "later", "later", "tomorrow", "next month"... Where does this security come from...? This security that is then so elusive, so... so fearful, when it comes to giving, when it comes to expressing oneself... As if life depended on us!

Even if it is only for a moment!... to be able to feel and think that living is a miracle of an unusual nature, of which we have a consciousness of infinite capacity... which does not consist in knowing, but consists in feeling the Mystery in Love that makes it possible to breathe!... to speak!... to go!... knowing that we are being carried!

Living, and life, has not suffered abandonment.

It is true that the being, in its consciousness of hedonism, thinks that... at times it has been abandoned. But... no! It has abandoned itself to its nature! It has "created"     –in inverted commas "created"- it has promoted war, famine despair, slaughter, envy, rage, prejudice, selfishness!

It has not been abandoned! If it were abandoned, it wouldn’t be able even to generate or gestate even these.

It is curious!: when things are going... let's say "well", the merit is human. When it is not going well –oh!- it is... "God, who has abandoned us".


Yes. The being of humanity pretends –because it continues pretending, with different methods: religions, sciences, philosophies-... pretends to "domesticate" the Eternal. Yes! Domesticate it, as it does with animals of "company" or of "sacrifice". As it does with the life that surrounds it, with its crops, with its waters, with its lands, which it mistreats, usurps... and labels them as if they were its own.

A blind man waits... for a service of solidarity to cross the street. He taps his cane on the ground, but... everyone is in a hurry! Everyone is running! Everybody says "later". Everybody says "maybe". Everybody is afraid of losing a second!... in helping, in collaborating, in participating.

The blind man continues to tap his cane on the ground with sorrow... And he continues there, while humanity passes and passes, preoccupied and busy with its destiny.

And true humanity strikes and calls for communion, help, care, solidarity, and coexistence, what is necessary.

And we are in a process in which each being, with his personal importance, with his personal project, with his personal identity, with his... "his", with his permanent scares, he abandons the Providential consciousness; that which gives us every day the certainty of dawn, dusk, spring, autumn, winter.

We are constantly offered, to the extent that we are serene, we are continually offered that reference... of the Higher Goodness. And we feel it in our resources, in our capacities, in our hands.

Why is it postponed, why is the tuning in to the reference delayed, why is there always something more important?

Why do kisses seal lips?

The proverb says: "He who closes the door to lies will never let the truth in".

They are doors of vanities, doors of insurances, of guarantees of human origin, which are guided by hidden micro egoisms that go unnoticed, but that really make up the attitude, the action...

Justifications are always ready. Reasons are available around the clock. And thus, each being justifies himself and reasons his decisions, his attitudes, his staging.

And with that he signs that this is living; that this is true condescension.

Affections, attractions... and other emotional events are part of... a psychopathology of everyday life.

Yes. The knowledge of science, knowing, understanding... is preponderant, and the calls of feelings become lukewarm and just; not of justice and fairness but of precariousness.

Sealed kisses... that are justified by reasons, explanations...

There is always, in the resource of human origin, an explanation.

And as a general rule –with few exceptions- it achieves the title of "normal".

And that is how the exceptional is conspicuous by its absence. The extraordinary... will be –yes, it will be- but so muffled, so afraid to appear, just in case human judgement –social, familial, friendly, etc.- would not agree... And thus, the extraordinary, the exceptional, remains in the anecdotal; when it should be the everyday, so as not to fall into vulgarity... by repeating itself tirelessly in stumbling over the same steps that generations and generations have done.

It is not of Love, nor of quality, nor of charity, nor of goodness!... those attitudes. They are not proper of a lived life. They are not the raised passion that excites!... and that makes "the impossible" possible.

We need to... slow down. There is a need for calmness. The urgent and necessary need for sincerity.

To clear up the mystery of living with passionate dedication!, with a decision without doubts!... It sometimes seems that there are judges who surround us and watch us to see if...

Ghosts of one's own egomania!

Mercy welcomes us permanently.

Opening ourselves to feel it... gives us the help of spontaneity, of clear words, of tenderness, of readiness towards resources and gifts.

No more delays, in that hasty flight.



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