The Praying Refuge


And it is usual, that the beings of humanity debate in their consciences with what they would like to be, with what they would like to do... and they do not, with the debate of what they say and what is understood, the debate between what is felt, what is consented...

Undoubtedly, it is that dual content, but it is also the product of a cultural, educational, formative content... of a philosophy of watertight parameters, which asks, from the human point of view, a pattern of behaviour, of space...

And of course, to the extent that the subject, from the earliest childhood to adulthood... and continuing, sees that does not fit into those parameters required, doubts. He doubts his ability, his resources, his training, and enters into a debate of what is right, what is wrong, what they will think, why they think this... if I believe that is the other...

Sometimes, in the face of this debate, many people choose –simply- to impose themselves their criteria and try to impose them. Surely they will collide with a multitude of situations... between the established and those who try to establish themselves but do not settle down, etcetera.

When we ask ourselves why this history of consciousness, we can find ourselves with the idea that our reference to Creation has been lost or diluted or hidden; that, although it is not a manual of use... with concrete orders, it supposed –and supposes!- a silent reference that leads us to a stability, to a sanity, to an awareness of coexistence; not to a debate about existence.

The way, in which this source of life was disconnected, surely was gestated in the discovery of each day –by the being's part- of his capacities, his resources, his deductions, thinking that they were his own because they embodied in him.

That is how personalism, personalities –"masks"-… that were acting like gods towards their environment was born. And so it goes on, with insolence towards life, without shame.

This is the general consciousness that surrounds us... and about which the Prayerful Sense of today warns us that we should be attentive because, without a doubt, it contaminates; undoubtedly, it creates competitiveness, it creates protagonists, it creates beliefs of dominion...

And those domain beliefs are going to create territories, boundaries, barriers...

Competition between gods.

It is difficult!... or very difficult to imagine –under this aspect- a solution.

The Prayerful Sense offers us a permanent refuge. But a refuge; as if expecting that combative presence... to pass.

A refuge in which it is possible to imagine other attitudes, other positions, other behaviours. And then, "without clearing up", to leave the refuge and... give testimony of what was found, what was learned, what was suggested...

Usually, you have to resort to the refuge soon.

The debate harasses, surrounds, requires...

The Praying Refuge is an alchemical flask in which it is possible to transform, convert, transfigure.

If this is how it is perceived, conceived and believed, it is possible... that the being be liberated from the indoctrination of the human gods.

If not, and if the refuge is a simple... state of ‘sheltering’ to not get wet in case it rains... or because it is raining, then we will be in a situation... without lights.

The Praying Refuge keeps and awaits... as a place in the Universe where it is possible!... to redeem from so much debate, and to reconvert in what the Creator Mystery designed.

And so, we can say that, if the Prayerful Sense, the Prayerful Call is a refuge, those who come to it are refugees... fleeing from conflict, persecution, pain, suspicion, hunger, persecution, of violence, of prohibition.

If the Prayer Call is like that... there is a place to take refuge.

A place where they will not exploit us, they will not speculate with us, they will not buy and sell us, they will not lock us up, they will not punish us, they will not imprison us.

Unlike the refugees that day after day take place... and who do not find consolation, the Prayerful Call represents the refuge of real shelter!, of evident consolation!, of immediate relief!

It is the space in which the being feels itself.

And feeling... promotes sense.

And that sense, all those who go to the Prayer Call –the refugees- have the occasion, have the opportunity –exceptional!- to create a new humanity... in an infinite space; in a time without time... eternal!

Yes. It could be said:

"I am a prayerful refugee. I am an immigrant of a Mystery.

I am in what is called "this world", but I am not from here.

As an immigrant, I have found... my space; that has stopped being mine, to be a space of coexistence, of encounter, of discovery.

And so, I do not miss what was before. I had fled. I do not want to go back!... I was wrong. I was made to be wrong!

I emigrated out of necessity, through permanent contradictions. And I became an immigrant... when they called me to pray. And I found my stellar space... that permanently assists me... if I'm willing to listen.

It does not buy me, it does not sell me, it does not rent me, it does not give me back.

Today it is refuge, yes...

In the passing it will be... fusion, identity".

And when in the refuge... our capacities are transfigured, in the "being"... the fear is diluted; distrust has no meaning; the occasion is lived; the exceptionality is given; miracles are shared...

We have another identity.

A loving cover, of Love... sifts the walls of the refuge –transparent, warm-... of multiple colours.




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