We shouldn't loose the praying reference


Open up… when they call!

Uncover yourself… when they search for us!

Offer… when they ask of us!

The Creation is shown to us; is uncovered to us; is offered to us. Consequently, we should arrange ourselves in a similar way.

“To pray”, is the vehicle that contacts us, connects us, makes us vibrate in unison with the Creative Force; of the Creative Mysterious breath.

Offer yourself… according to need!

Show yourself according to virtues!

Open up yourself!, when our testimony is required!... because, usually, one has an external version, and it's rare that an internal version… is shown; these shouldn't be!, a separate entity, but one unit. But...

When we show ourselves, it is not for the criticism or to discuss our “pros” and “cons!”… It is to know each other!


In opening ourselves from the interior, we perceive the complexes, the obstacles, the difficulties that… living in one way or style, has created.

Always when we offer ourselves -because they ask-… we would have to assure ourselves that it is not to satisfy egotism, personal importance or influence, but that really it corresponds to a call; with a need.


In the way in which our consciousness amplifies -based on… feeling yourself immersed in the Creation-, the daily, material, concrete events, become limited stories of life. We discover that they are altered, adulterated, managed, manipulated. As long as we are in this consciousness of Creation, we can value different levels of consciousness.

The consciousness of Creation is that which is generated in the vibrating feeling of the prayer. That is why it can be said that… “In the way to be and in the everyday life, the praying reference is not lost”. And, like this, each time that we have to respond or to act, or… simply to be, we do it with a simultaneous Unison with the Heavenly.

We don't let ourselves be tricked by the law, the orders, the established…

And in saying “we don't let ourselves be tricked”, we want to say that… this is not!... what corresponds to our nature. And, even though it exists, and it has to be taken into account, it is the product of a very dense; thick consciousness; which has not known, which couldn't, which wasn’t allowed to… evolve.


“The call to heal” asks for!… an answer.

The personal importance decides strategies!

The intellect establishes… principles, potions and… techniques!

And the reason causes some manoeuvres to respond to this demand. The result is mechanical; concrete. Is it…. the necessary?

When the sufferer calls us, -be it for our own characteristics, or be it for a demand-, he is making a “supplication”. Yes: “the so-called sufferer”, “the suffering call” is a supplication which needs a prayer. All of the above is okay!... but, because of our Creative nature, created and animate, our suffering moments are praying calls; it is needed!, as the first, basic and culminating movement to make of our being, a healthy compromise, adaptive, adapter, adaptable, evolved!


One word faced with the sufferer… “Mercy

One supplication that provokes immediately, the healing prayer for excellence: “Mercy



The answer!... to the love of life that the Creation offers us, continues to be lukewarm, weak, unsure and –usually- not very believable!

The being has been more inclined towards his possessive feelings, than to his reflex feelings, than to its reflecting feelings, than to its expressed and “expressive” feelings … of what he receives.

This is why the prayer calls on us!... for a disposition towards the loved, the lover, which is permanently activated, so that our reflection is true, original, competent and believable!...

And, like this, we can establish a way… to be and to live together beneath principles that are reflections of the loving living-together relationship between the being and the Creation.

And that the interwoven affections between the beings are an example, a trace! -over which are made others and others, and others-… that, in the way of a spiral, dilutes and loosens the contractures of the closed and tight… structure!



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