To wait in the hope


Run! Run”-said God to mankind-.

And they asked: “Why?”.

God replied: “It's a Mystery. I can’t tell you.”

“Run! Run!”-said God to mankind-.


And God answered: “You don't know, but I do.”

“Run! Run” -said God to mankind- “you don't know, but I do.”

And nobody asked. And humanity stayed there.


Sometimes -only “sometimes”?- one doesn't know, but… it's known! One doesn't know why, but someone does know why. To recognise… that one doesn't know “why” about so many situations or phenomenon should be a habit. But when it concerns the relation between mankind and the Divine, just like amongst the humans we are capable of recognising that “I don't know, but somebody does”, in the case of amplifying our consciousness concerning the signals and signs that indicates us, through the prayer, towards where, and in which manner, we ask “why”.

They tell us that it is “a Mystery”, and this answer is insufficient. They tell us that… “Well!, we won’t know, but what takes us does, and… also it isn’t!

The conclusion is that it's preferable to assume the ignorance in front of those of our own species, and to maintain the haughtiness faced with the Creation.


Can more be demanded of the Creation concerning the place where we have been situated, -be it “the planet”-? Can more be demanded of the vegetable kingdom? Can more be demanded of the mineral kingdom, or the animal kingdom? Can more be demanded, of the conditions that have favoured the housing of life? Can more be demanded!... of an ocean, or a mighty river?

That's to say, nothing specific!... can be demanded from the love that overflows from the Creation. If, from this love, nothing more can be demanded, and we try to reflect ourselves in this way, how is it that the lovers demand compliance, orders, possessions, owners, rages, desperation, sobs, anger!, And all of this they call… “Love”?

Could it be… could it be rather that, when the lover feels as such, he is fulfilled and demands nothing…?; because the demand carries with it the claims, the managing, the manipulation, the control, the wanting and the possession.

Everything and everyone serves us in life. And, without this service, our life could not be configured.

To whom!... serves the man? Mankind? To itself? It makes no sense, for the fact that it wears out. So its true service is in the service of the Divinity, the Creation, interpreting its versions, visions, suggestions, revelations… To stay in the service of oneself, is not only egotistical!, but it is also to negate to contemplate the evidence.


Be attentive to your duty, before watching for the faults of the others duties; don’t let it neglect your position and, when you reprimand the other one, you don't have anything to offer on your behalf.


He who waits and reserves himself waiting for the advantageous position in which he doesn't risk anything, doesn’t venture and doesn't show; should remain silent, and not be the executioner, the condemner, and he of the last word.

And in the manner that everybody shows themselves, and they do it with their own references!, -not based on the other’s errors; not supporting itself in other bad experiences, to show their own kindness- in this way – that we don't value ourselves in the error of the other, but we try to show our own virtues- with that -without taking advantage of the failures of the others- we would favour that the care of the precipitations and the necessary virtue to promote kindness, would be exercised as an necessity; would be practised as… a duty!


The feminine souls are the decorum of the species. The masculine souls are the turbulence of the importance. And like this the turbulence of the importance searches for the domination of the decorum. And the decorum, for its own nature, maintains the “non-violent” position.

If the turbulence of the importance becomes a revolution of the spirit, this spirited and revolutionary position, would contemplate the decorum with admiration. And in this way, the mutual enjoyment would be the usual signal of our species, of our “being”; it would be the true contribution as “servants of the Creation”.


To feel yourself a lost cause and in permanent criticism, doesn't improve the personal condition, nor our version towards the rest. If -better- we worried about showing the minimum doing… meticulous, attentive, careful, with pulchritude!, we would grow everybody else in their virtuous options, and, with that, all of us would insist on this… “instinctuality” towards the holy, towards the transcendental!, without that it seems to us as something exaggerated, excessive, impossible!… like this, we could loosen these mooring lines that the tragedy… holds us with “all of the bad to come”, “all of the bad that is going to happen” –and there, does not fit “something good that could come”-.


Re-examine… re-examine your claims!, your resistance, your rebellions. Re-examine them, don’t let them be current and only serve as obstacles… of your steps, and those of the others, everyday!


The continued self-damage and the deteriorated self-evaluation end up waking pity. And, in noticing –the pitiful one- that this happens, still he damages himself more! And with that he only gains the abandonment. What could he expect?

Rather, would it not be precise to discover his resources and wake them up so that they are alert and in function!; they activate and realise? And not the systematic depletion of any situation, that, as well as the pity, is surrounded by a sea of desperation.

And our duty, as a species, is “to wait in the hope”, and to persevere in it, because through faith, we see how we grow, how we renovate ourselves, how –definitely- life moulds us and gives us!, in a way… so exuberant!, that whoever observes, discovers that not even in the most hungry moment could we assimilate to consume… everything that is given to us!



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